*this is a tentative schedule. all activities are subject to change*


arrive +


everyone arrives and settles into the farm! get to know your new eco warrior family and enjoy a beautiful sunset!



farm tour

sense of place

get to know everyone and your surroundings. begin to develop a connection to this place, tour the farm, and focus on community building. we will start to talk about eco anxiety and how to cope and navigate this increasingly complex world. today, we give space to voice concern about all of the problems in the world while the rest of the retreat, we focus on solutions.



food systems

food justice

start the day with a permaculture workshop with Scott Gallant and learn about this revolutionary design method. then we begin to unpack the current industrial global food system and dive into health and nutrition! end the day by cooking a beautiful nourishing plant based dinner together.


living in community

today, we tour the sustainability education center, Rancho Mastatal. we will learn about natural building, farm to table systems, permaculture, community living, and more. we'll have lunch with them after cooling off at their epic waterfall. in the afternoon, we will focus on intentional living communities and dream about future regenerative ecovillages.





we'll start the day bright and early with the incredible hike to the peak of La Cangreja mountain. we'll snack on fresh farm pineapple while enjoying the vast open view of the whole Central Valley and the Pacific Coast. in the afternoon, we'll create some art, talk about mindfulness and intention setting, and open a discussion about ethical financing and transitioning to a regenerative economy. 


tree planting

+ social justice 

regenerating the earth! we're gonna plant trees and talk about regeneration followed by a social justice workshop. we'll dive into topics of privilege, oppression, and environmental justice. we'll end the day with a beautiful grounding sacred cacao ceremony.



social change

+ moving forward

on this day we're going to talk about how to move forward and bring all that you've learned back home into your daily life. we'll talk about activism and community building wherever you are and how to be effective change agents. we'll also take a walk down to the farm's beautiful waterfall to enjoy some last moments with new friends. we'll end the day with a closing ceremony and a vegan feast!


the last day!  we'll have breakfast and then everyone will depart. we'll say goodbye (for now) and hopefully see each other again soon!

6:30am yoga

8am breakfast

9am workshop

12pm lunch

1pm excursion

5pm down time

6:30pm dinner

8pm evening activity 

a typical day

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