This retreat is different from most and I even feel a little weird calling it a retreat. I just really want you all to know that this all came together so naturally with the most genuine intentions. This is not a yoga retreat, it is not at a resort, we're not making thousands of dollars from this. The intention behind this retreat is 100% based in community and social change. 

When I was 18, I went on my first solo travel trip, spending a summer volunteering on a permaculture farm in Costa Rica. Arriving in Costa Rica with zero Spanish and zero expectations, I discovered the most beautiful community at this family farm. Javier and Raquelle, the young couple who run Villas Mastatal welcomed hundreds of strangers into their beautiful home and did it all with so much humility and grace. I had one of the best summers of my life and for one of the first times, felt completely 

I left Costa Rica at the end of the summer with a new fire within me. Bit by the travel bug, all I wanted to do was travel and see how other and people and communities are working to heal this planet. For the next couple of years I traveled to dozens of countries learning about sustainable living, environmental action, and community building. As I continued to see new placed, in the back of my mind, Costa Rica kept calling my name. Finally, in the winter of 2018, I returned and it felt like I was coming home. I was reminded why I love this country so much and I just wanted everyone I know to come and visit. 

On this trip, I learned that Javi, Raki, and the farm weren't doing so well financially and Javi had to get a second job to support them. The volunteer program, which boasted over 30 people at any one time during that summer I spent there, had dwindled to little to no people.

This is when the Eco Warrior Retreats were born. I should probably mention that between my first trip to Costa Rica and this one, I completed a degree at Cornell University in Sustainable Agriculture and Education while gaining so many facilitation skills during my travels. I just wanted to figure out the best way that I can contribute to the social change that needs to happen and I had a gorgeous location to do it. 

The first retreat was a huge learning curve as we had literally no idea what to expect (thanks to our incredible first group, we love you). I got together some of my closest friends and role models to help me and many phone calls, audio messages, and google docs later, we hosted our first retreat, bringing 25 wonderful souls to the jungle of Costa Rica for a week or learning, unlearning, and connection. 

To say that this experience was fulfilling would be an understatement. And it was a win-win-win. Javi and Raki loved hosting and were so eager to be involved from day 1, we were able to support them financially, we got to do work that we love, and all of you 

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