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A Weekend at Manuel Antonio

​When most people go to Costa Rica, they stay on the coasts but I was living in the beautiful central valley. For one of my last weekends in the country, a few of us took a trip to Manuel Antonio, the beach that was easiest to get to from where we were. It's also the most popular and touristy destination in Costa Rica.

Our journey started with a series of bus rides with long waits in between.

After almost a full day of travel we got to our hostel. We waited till the last minute to book our hostel so all of the ones that were located near the beach and park were full. We stayed in Quepos, a small town near Manuel Antonio.

When we arrived, we immediately went to Playa Manuel Antonio. We sunbathed, swam, explored some tidal pools, and did some shopping.

After Manuel Antonio, we ventured off to another smaller beach that was so beautiful. Unfortunately, I didn't take any photos there but it was so nice. We didn't plan things out very well and ended up getting kind of stranded there unable to get a taxi. It started to rain and after walking in the pouring rain we finally found a resort and took cover in their restaurant.

One of my friends is Italian and so was the owner of the resort so he gave us free food and drinks. SO nice of him and the resort was beautiful.

We finally got a taxi and went back to our hostel. We met some awesome people in our hostel and then had dinner and went out with them. The drinks were all so amazing and made with fresh coconut and fruit. We went to a really cute bar and then to a dance club in Quepos.

The next day we went to the park. Manuel Antonio Park is known for it's wildlife. We saw some really cool animals up close like sloths and monkeys. I was sad to hear later on that they feed the animals a type of sugar that makes them lethargic and slows them down so tourists can take photos.

We also went to a nice beach that was located in the park.

That night we went out to another lovely dinner and hung out with more new friends from the hostel.

The next morning we left early for another long day of bus rides. This time though a local man passing by our bus stop gave us some free bananas!

Overall, it was a great weekend and I got to become a lot closer with a group of amazing women. It did make me appreciate the farm though and central valley a lot more. I missed it a lot when we were there and didn't like how touristy and commercial the beach was. I love how travel can make you learn more about your own home. I was so excited to get to the beach and out of Mastatal for the weekend and then just appreciated it so much more when we got back.

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