"I never knew what the true meaning of community living was until this week. Immersed in the middle of nature with so many other people I knew nothing about apart from our desire to make the world a better place. Wrong was I to think that this experience would only give me knowledge on how to have a more sustainable lifestyle. I learned so much about myself and others. I learned a lot about active listening, how to look at other like i am looking at myself. A week has been enough to see so much growth and change within me, and enough to make deep connections with others and to really love people the way they are. I can say that I made friends for life and I take this experience and these people in my heart with so much love and appreciation. unconditional love is what my heart is filled with right now."

Elaine Bishop, July 2019 retreat

"a wonderful reminder of all the beautiful ecowarriors in the world. lots of inspiration and peace."

anonymous, July 2019 retreat

"I still can’t seem to find the words to accurately describe what occurred in the beautiful jungles and in @villasmastatal . All i can say is that i will never be the same after attending @ecowarriorretreats . A full shift in the mind body and soul and all for the better. A reconnection to my most authentic self and newly made connections with beautiful souls from around the world. A new sense of hope when it comes to fighting for the environment was instilled in me and one i will hold onto and light up my torch with in order to fight climate change and the powers enabling such destruction. Our mother earth loves us and provides for us, let's do our part in repairing the damage done and living a life guided by true empathy. Light up your torch of hope in this dark world and set other people on a path to a better and brighter world. We can do this. We are a powerful species that is humbled by the grounded mountains and powerful waterfalls. Listen to what nature is trying to teach you and then use your voice to demand change. We are love and light and it’s time we start acting like it. Wishing you all a happy end to this summer and good fortune in this upcoming season of your lives 🍃💚 remember YOU are capable!"

Cameron Briggs, July 2019 retreat

"I went to this thing thinking it would be fun to meet new people in Costa Rica, but would have never even dreamed I’d leave a better, more open, more loving person. I think it says a lot about @elizabethcouse_ that this random collection of her IG followers came together to create such an unexpected, beautiful, and emotional experience for all of us. It’s probably impossible to put into words what transpired during that week on the farm, but all of us felt it and have taken it home with us. Thanks @elizabethcouse_ for putting your dreams into practice! The world is already a better place because of it. Looking forward to seeing you all in the very near future."

Katherine Smock, July 2019 retreat

"In a state of bliss as my trip comes to an end. I’m so thankful for the connections I’ve made & for the feelings of joy, fulfillment and inspiration. Happy for the space and time I’ve had to reflect on deeper dimensions of my existence & for this transient mental state that has allowed me to experience something greater than myself. Thank you @elizabethcouse_@villasmastatal and everyone involved in @ecowarriorretreats for creating a truly life-changing experience." 

Lace Burgos, July 2019 retreat

"I’ve just arrived in the states from my trip to Costa Rica and I have to say, it was absolutely transformative 🦋. I had intended on going on this trip to simply meet some awesome vegans and see another gorgeous part of Costa Rica, but this trip turned out to be so much more than that.

To say I feel as if I see life from a different perspective would be an understatement. In coming to the eco warrior retreat I was able to allow myself space to unload a lot of past trauma and emotions. The reason being is that the community of people I found myself surrounded by were so nonjudgmental and supportive. I honestly don’t have the words to express what exactly transpired. I will say that I learned heaps about sustainability, I was able to feel others hearts and hear others opinions, I cried so hard and let some of my past weight and trauma go, I sweated from every pore of my body while hiking a monumental mountain, and I found a beautiful community of like minded souls that I will take with me forever.

This trip lit me on fire and I see things so much more clearly.

I’m ready to begin a new chapter. Here we grow."

Dawn Pool, July 2019 retreat

"I feel I am acting more out of love. I have more hope for the future and it's definitely taken away some of my eco-anxiety/depression. I feel even more connected to the Earth. We are here to change the world <3"

anonymous, July 2019 retreat

"I’ve escaped to the jungles of Costa Rica and am experiencing so much magic in my life. I’ve been MIA and living off grid at a sustainable farm learning all about sustainable living, permaculture and so much more. I always envisioned staying in the middle of no where with zero technology would be fun but I never realized how intense it would be. The immense amounts of energy I’ve experienced this past week through nature and the souls I’ve encountered was experienced through a strong yet beautiful tidal wave.


Never in my life have I had so much deep, raw human interactions and intense solitude all at once. I’m so thankful for this past week and everything it has taught me and in the ways it has taught them to me.


I’m just as excited however to be on wifi and have the opportunity to share more of my experiences with all of you on here + more to come."

Madison Nicosia, July 2019 retreat

"two weeks ago i hopped on a plane by myself heading to Costa Rica. before i left i didn't know what to expect. i have never traveled solo but this place called to me. i spent a week in the jungle, living mostly off grid with over 20 beautiful people, completely disconnected with the outside world. pushed beyond my comfort zones and challenged mentally and physically. tears, sweat, laughter, and so much love. i have and continue to grow so much. i could never put into words the gratitude i have for this little place, and these people. one thing i can say for now is that raw, genuine connections are everything. listening, laughing, learning, sharing, being vulnerable. it really matters 🦋🌿 I can't wait to share more soon."

Sara Haynes, July 2019 retreat

"Life has somehow brought me to Costa Rica last month. I was there as a photographer for my friend Elizabeth’s @ecowarriorretreats. I spent an entire week in the middle of the jungle, surrounded by green, fresh air and the most refreshing and empowering group of people. It was so surreal and different from my usual routine it now feels like a distant dream in the back of my mind. I experienced everything, from joy, connectedness, love and empathy to anger, frustration, sadness… eventually resolving themselves into acceptance, hope and bliss. I legit cried my ass off while climbing a mountain, and in that I let go of a lot of suffering and negativity that wasn’t serving me. We allowed ourselves to be vulnerable, opening up and coming together, sharing our fears and mistakes, our hopes and dreams. We actually talked and communicated like real humans, with no distractions and no phones buzzing, really listening and encouraging one another. I spent an entire afternoon swinging on hammocks with a new friend, talking about our life, relationships, passions, and I somehow learned a lot about me through her. And that’s just a few highlights.


Bear in mind, I was supposed to be, well… mostly taking photos, but what I got out of it was so much more. It’s hard to explain it in words really. I’m now back to my routine back home but that week has marked me in a way I wasn’t expecting, and if I know anything at all, is that I’ll make sure not to forget what I’ve learned."

Moeko Munarreto, July 2019 retreat

"i always wanted a sense of belonging. i didn't really fit in anywhere. i was basically raised as an only child with my siblings being much older than me. i did good in school but i hated being there. i wanted to make art, i wanted to explore, i wanted to run in the woods behind the home i grew up in, collecting plants for my "potions", watching the lizards play. i wanted to dance and sing and play my guitar, i had a dream of one day being a famous musician or artist. the only subject i liked was reading and writing. i had a vivid imagination and i would read for hours. as i got older i started to see the world for what it really was. it wasn't like the world i imagined in my head, where everyone was nice & happy except the evil witches. & animals roamed freely and we took care of them when needed but everything was in perfect harmony. i went vegetarian when i was 13. i cared a lot about the earth, animals and humans suffering. i was shy, "too sensitive" and i cried a lot. i loved my friends but i still never felt like i was understood. i tried all the different cliques and went through the phases but it was still never right. 

i thought i must be strange or that i lived in the wrong world. but recently that all changed, i found people like me. people who's passions match mine. revolutionaries. lovers. healers. i see them every day on this app. and i got to meet some of them this summer in Costa Rica. the point of this isn't to say how "different" i am but rather to let you know that you will find your people. even if you feel alone right now. whatever it is that lights your soul on fire, chase it. you are not alone and your community is out there waiting for you somewhere." 

Sara Haynes, July 2019 retreat

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